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Top Offshore Incorporation Jurisdictions

We have assembled a list of the top recommended offshore jurisdictions for business formation, listed in order for highest asset protection and financial privacy.

  1. Nevis
  2. Belize
  3. British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  4. Panama
  5. Bahamas
  6. Dominica
  7. Samoa

Nevis LLC

Nevis is one of the top offshore incorporation jurisdictions for protecting your assets and financial privacy. Political stability, strong asset protection legal statutes with both an American and English Common Law foundation make this caribbean island a leading choice when selecting an offshore jurisdiction. Taxes are not imposed on Nevis Limited Liability Companies which make for an attractive location for international investment. There are no annual or financial reports required for Nevis companies. Directors, Officers and Owners of the company do not have to be citizens or residents of Nevis. Income from outside of the country is not taxed. The principle business location can be anywhere in the world. Nevis is unparalleled in its list of features and benefits for offshore incorporation.

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Belize International Business Company (IBC)

Belize law provides huge benefits for International Business Companies that do not operate within Belize. The legal system is founded on English Common Law with strong legal protection for your financial privacy. Belize has a strong international banking infrastructure, combined with its offshore company legal statutes, puts this jurisdiction third in our world-wide list.

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company

The BVI company is a strong tool for protecting your assets and privacy. The primary features that stand this jurisdiction apart from others are; maximum asset protection with the ability to transfer domicile, directors can protect the IBC's assets for the benefit of the company by transferring them to another accommodating jurisdiction, local taxation exempt and maximum privacy through the use of bearer shares.

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Panama International Business Company

Panama offers some of the tightest financial privacy in the world, combined with a globally recognized financial infrastructure, Panama is ideal for international business and investment. Panama offers top-notch estate planning and asset protection tools through what is called a Private Interest Foundation, which is a feature that separates this jurisdiction from its peers. There are no reporting requirements to the Panamanian Government, the use of bearer shares is supported, records can be kept anywhere in the world and registered agents are not required to file or record any company information.

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Bahamas Corporation

The Bahamas are no stranger to foreign investor capital due to its widely recognized offshore banking infrastructure, offering complete anonymity, combined with the no personal or corporate taxation, very low fees and a government that does not share information.

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Dominica Corporation

Dominica is the new kid on the block in the offshore incorporation and banking arena, however that means that there are added features and benefits that bring this jurisdiction into our list of top recommended offshore jurisdictions. No capital gains, estate or death taxes are imposed, no exchange controls over funds by IBC's, directors can be corporations or natural persons, shares can be issued with or without par value and meetings are not required.

Samoa LLC

The late 1980's brought on several legislative acts that put Samoa on the map for foreign investors and business persons. More recently in 2005 brought on the Samoa international Finance Authority Act which regulates and promotes Samoa as an offshore business center to the world. These developments and others like it, make Samoa our second strongest jurisdiction in the world for protecting your assets and privacy.

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