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Business Packages

1. Starter Package – $1995 – Nevis company plus bank account

  • No taxes are imposed in Nevis Corporation upon income (US people are taxed on worldwide income).
  • Nevis Limited Liability Company or Nevis LLC law offers superior asset protection to corporation law of other jurisdictions.
  • Nevis asset protection provisions are superior to other countries
  • Nevis Corporation dividends or distributions which are not earned on the island are free from local tax
  • Annual reports or financial returns are not required
  • Principle office and records for a Nevis Corporation may be located anywhere in the world
  • Directors, Officers and Shareholders need not be citizens or residents of Nevis
  • A corporation may act as Director and as Secretary
  • Includes a bank account in a class “A” bank.

2. Professional Package – $2995 – Nevis company plus bank account and office program

We highly recommend the Nevis Office Program which, in addition to the above, gives you a Nevis office address with mail forwarding, a shared telephone number answered by a live receptionist, and a Nevis fax number. For extra legitimacy and privacy, you can place your Nevis Office Program address, telephone number and fax number on your website and on company letterhead.

3. Executive Package – $3495 – Complete management program

Our $3,495.00 full management contract will cover all of the following services listed below, including formation of your company, at no extra cost except for courier fees. The Fiduciary Structure will have a $2,495.00 annual renewal fee. Let our experienced team of experts take care of your asset protection and privacy needs. See what is included below.

  • Nevis Complete Management Package Include the Following Services:
  • Formation of a Nevis asset protection Limited Liability Company
  • Offshore bank account in Class A top-rated bank (at time of incorporation)
  • Nevis mailing address with mail forwarding
  • Nevis telephone number answered by a live receptionist
  • Nevis fax number
  • Annual registered agent fee
  • Annual government fee
  • Maintenance of bank accounts
  • Nominee directors & officers
  • Debit card (at time of incorporation)
  • Brokerage accounts (at time of incorporation)
  • Online access to bank and brokerage account
  • Power of attorney giving you 100% control