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Pursuing Assets Offshore

When your assets are properly protected through offshore legal tools such as an LLC or trust, a creditor who pursues your wealth encounters a substantial legal hurdle. He tends to receive very little to no payoff. In the end even if he obtains a judgment against you he is left with little more than a stack of legal bills.

The most favorable jurisdictions for offshore limited liability companies and trusts offer unique legal barriers. Legislation requires your legal opponent to pursue your assets in the foreign jurisdiction, using overseas counsel. One of the most challenging legal hurdles to lay in your opponent’s path is placing your cash in an offshore trust so that the assets must be pursued abroad. Furthermore, in some jurisdictions, before going to a foreign court, your legal opponent must first post a non-refundable bond in excess of $25,000 to a review board who will decide whether or not the case will even see a courtroom. This is a sizable risk for a hungry creditor.

Unless one is involved in acts of terrorism or international money-laundering, the likelihood of a court case seeing the light of day in these jurisdictions is extremely low. This is because the rules by which review boards operate are written to intentionally frustrate creditors. Protecting your funds from business partner disputes, divorce, foreign judgments, and even foreclosure shortfall judgments are not recognized in the foreign jurisdiction. Therefore, one’s legal opponent has very little chance of battling in court for his or her assets. You can see more pages on this topic by visiting our sitemap.

Legal provisions protect LLC assets. Laws exist that protect the assets held in the company in the event of a judgment against an LLC owner, especially if the LLC is owned by an offshore trust. These features are what make offshore asset protection so popular. When a legal opponent discovers that your assets are protected within an offshore LLC and trust, then they realize what the roadmap to your assets includes. It includes hiring a foreign legal team and posting tens of thousands of dollars in a non-refundable bond for a case that has very little chance of seeing a judge. It forces your opponent to make a decision: pursue your assets at a massive cost, or move on to an easier target.

When you combine legal tools, you start to weave these offshore protective features together. Opening a bank account in the name of your offshore LLC offers substantial protection. You take advantage of a jurisdiction’s financial privacy and banking laws and another jurisdiction’s company asset protection laws. When you form an offshore asset protection trust, you are utilizing the strongest asset protection laws in the world.

Pursuing the assets in your offshore trust is equally difficult with an even bigger downside for your legal enemy. Even in the event that your opponent wins a judgment, your assets are locked inside your trust through custom provisions removing you from company control under legal duress. This means that you can comply with any court ruling that is within your control and your funds are remain behind a protective shield. Your assets are protected by trust law, which entrusts them to a reputable, licensed, insured, and bonded foreign trustee. The trustee, in turn, is not required to comply with any U.S. court rulings or judgments. The strongest asset protection tool in the world is the offshore asset protection trust in the Cook Islands. offers turn-key asset protection plans that offer the most privacy and protection available in the world. We form thousands of companies, trusts and open bank accounts in the most favorable jurisdictions for asset protection and financial privacy. If you have questions, feel free to complete the inquiry form on this page or call us during business hours.


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