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Offshore Companies

Top Recommended Offshore Company Jurisdictions

  1. Nevis – Privacy, Convenience and Stability. Learn why the Island of Nevis is one of the most popular jurisdictions today. Check out the most powerful offshore tool: the Nevis LLC.
  2. Belize – Companies, IBC (International Business Company) and Banking. Learn what Belize offers with a wide variety of options through offshore incorporation. The Belize LDC, Belize’s alternative to the LLC offers some unique asset protection benefits.
  3. Bahamas – Tax Free, Privacy and Low Fees. Read about the options available to you in the Bahamas.
  4. British Virgin Islands – Maximum Security, Asset Protection and Privacy. Research how offshore companies and IBC’s in BVI help protect your wealth.

Offshore Company Information

Offshore companies are entities such as corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs) that have been filed outside of one’s country of residence. Offshore company incorporation is utilized, among other things, by those interested in asset protection, business expansion and financial privacy. Listed below is information summarizing the reasons for which these entities are formed:

  • Privacy
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Savings (depending on your jurisdiction)
  • Lawsuit Protection
  • Flexible Business Laws
  • Business Expansion
  • International Financial Diversification
  • Confidentiality

Common Jurisdictions & Entity Types

Offshore Company Formation Strategies

We have listed several levels of offshore strategies, their costs and benefits. This section discusses the major aspects of offshore planning, including companies, bank accounts and trusts, how they are structured and why. Each company you establish will typically have a corporate account. You can learn about offshore banking here.

Many offshore jurisdictions have much advantageous different legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy. Consider these offshore company formation benefits and facts. The US has 4.4% of the world’s population, yet 70% of the world’s lawyers and 96% of the world’s lawsuits. Moreover, unlike other countries in the world, we do not have a loser pays legal system. In other countries, the loser of a lawsuit has to pay both his attorney fees and his opponents, making lawsuits much less frequent.

Offshore Company = A Moat with Alligators

In the US if you are involved in a lawsuit and win, you’re still out your own legal expenses, so you still lose. Suing an offshore company is much more difficult. If a legal opponent chose to sue your offshore company, he or she may have to post a bond to have the case sent through a review board to determine whether or not the case would even make it to a court – the bond is non refundable – that is a strong layer of lawsuit protection, just by taking advantage of an offshore jurisdiction’s legal statutes.

With a Nevis LLC, for example, the 2015 amendment makes a creditor to post a $100,000 bond before they can bring any action to collect a judgment against a member the company. The money saved by keeping your finances away from prying eyes, thus, preventing lawsuits, safeguarding your assets from litigation and the increased financial privacy are some of the many reasons for going offshore.

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Types of Offshore Companies

Offshore companies offer much greater financial privacy than domestic entities, such as corporations, Limited Liability Companies or an international business companies (IBC). There are many offshore jurisdictions that have favorable laws that the US, Canada and the UK do not extend. These jurisdictions compete for international clientele by favoring privacy of ownership, privacy granted to officers and directors and non-recognition of foreign judgments.

Offshore Incorporation

In today’s business world, litigious attorneys make the chances of a lawsuit for American business owners a real world fact, some attorneys litigate just to survive and never see the inside of a courtroom. You can learn more about how offshore company incorporation can help with your protection needs by calling or by completing the form on this page. We form thousands of business structures every year, helping thousands of Americans with their protection and privacy needs and offering guidance through all of the offshore company formalities.