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Special Offshore Company & Bank Account Package

For a limited time Offshore Company, the worldwide leader in offshore services, is offering a special package that includes an International Business Company plus fully functioning offshore banking account and debit card. In order to receive the full benefits of utilizing an offshore business, it is prudent to establish a bank account with a secure and competent offshore financial institution. Today, we are offering a very reasonably priced package to protect your privacy, secure your assets and help you expand your business internationally.This Limited Time Offer.

Package Includes:

  • Belize Offshore Company
  • Belize Filing and Agent
  • Corporate Kit and Seal
  • Offshore Bank Account + Debit Card
  • Telephone Consulting Session After Delivery
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Documents and Services Included

  1. Belize International Business Company
    • Government Filing Fee
    • Belize Registered Agent (1 year)
    • Belize Registered Office (1 year)
    • Incorporation Certificates
    • Articles of Association and Memorandum
    • Resolution appointing directors
    • Resolution appointing officers and issuing shares
    • Registration of Directors and Officers
    • Registration of Shareholders
    • Share Certificates
    • Corporate Seal
    • Unlimited Business Support
    • Courier and Delivery fees
  2. Corporate Documents prepared for the bank
  3. Bank Introduction Service – to open your private account in the name of your new company with a debit card direct with the bank.

Click Here to Order Online – Select “Offshore” then “Belize – Special Package”
Banking Services

  • Accounts can be opened in USD, EUR, GDP, CHF, JPY or CNY
  • Online banking
  • Digipass fund transfers between client accounts
  • Wire transfer funding

Debit Card Services

  • Maestro / Cirrus or MasterCard in USD or EUR
  • Cardholder name is your private company
  • Worldwide cash withdraw through over 1,000,000 ATMs
  • Regular debit card use, same as a credit card to make purchases


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