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Anguilla Company Formation & Registered Agent Service

Anguilla company formation is quickly gaining recognition among the leading offshore corporation jurisdictions. At a glance, Anguilla is a UK Territory with highly regulated financial services sector. The legal system is common law based on English law. Anguilla incorporation extends a widely developed professional infrastructure. First we do an Anguilla company registry search,  and once we find that your name is available, we also provide service as one of the Anguilla registered agents. And you will not have to wait long because it has same day legal filings for forming an offshore company. There are no foreign trade or exchange restrictions and it is a tax neutral jurisdiction with easy air access to North America and Europe.

Anguilla offshore company formation has several advantages, starting with the jurisdiction’s features. Being one of Britain’s territories in the Caribbean, it offers an excellent degree of political stability, a very important factor when choosing a jurisdiction to incorporate offshore. The country itself is self-governing and an elected House of Assembly drives the legislative arena, democratically. Constitutionally, the British appointed Governor retains fundamental reserve powers. All legislative movements must be assented first, by the appointed Governor.

Anguilla’s Government income that is earned through the financial services industry over the past years is a demonstration to the momentum the policies have had to date. This jurisdiction is poised to become a strong force in the offshore company incorporation arena. Being a common law territory, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court controls the judicial system and Privy Council is the termination of the appeal process. Highly qualified and experienced council service the Court system, through a network of firms.

Forming an offshore company in Anguilla has the same advantages as other popular jurisdictions; it offers a strong and growing professional infrastructure and world standard telecommunications system. The island also offers a variety of major accounting firms.

Anguilla IBC

Anguilla Offshore Company Benefits

Anguilla is set apart from other popular offshore incorporation jurisdictions due to its true tax neutrality. There are absolutely ZERO forms of direct taxation on corporations or individuals, residing on the island, or not. This includes estate, capital gains, profit and income tax. This makes forming an offshore company in Anguilla quite attractive to base financial services and assets. Naturally, we highly recommend that you are informed of and comply with your tax obligations to your country of residence or citizenship. US, Canadian and UK residents, for example, are taxed on worldwide income. The Government is expanding the professional infrastructure and has recognized the advantages of offering multiple year work permit program for up to four years with residency rules that are quite relaxed.

Anguilla Incorporation Business Types

There are three types of corporate structures you can choose from when forming an offshore company in Anguilla. Those are:

  • Ordinary Company or Corporation
  • Anguilla IBC – International Business company
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Anguilla Offshore Company Formations are handled through a local agency that is licensed by the government ordinance and is under regulations by the government department that regulates companies. Both the private and government sectors are working together to create best practice guidelines. This has developed excellent practice standards and the outcome is earning a reputation for attracting the best business.

Anguilla Ordinary Offshore Company Formation

Incorporating an Anguilla Ordinary Company can be used as an offshore financial vehicle for investment purposes, asset protection and more. All companies are governed by the Companies Ordinance which has many attractive features, some of those include:

  • Sole incorporator and single director formations are available
  • Limited by guarantee, shares or both, meaning a company may or may not have shares, depending on your preference.
  • Ultra Vires Doctrine is abolished by the ordinance – meaning the company can perform acts outside of its original corporate charter
  • Shares can be acquired or purchased by the company itself
  • Continuance in or outside of Anguilla is permitted – this can be used to postpone court hearings to delay a plaintiff from proceeding with a lawsuit
  • Special Private Companies can be exempt from certain record keeping and accounting requirements – making the operation of the company simple with minimal paperwork

Anguilla International Business Company Formation

All Anguilla IBC’s offer easy management of a flexible and cost-effective company, based on a traditional model of incorporation. Non-Anguilla business structures can be continued as an International Business Company in Anguilla if the laws of the continuing company jurisdiction allow for the entity to be redomiciled to another jurisdiction.

Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation

Another positive aspect of forming an offshore company in Anguilla is the Limited Liability Company Act, which is stemmed from the original Wyoming LLC Ordinance, however the concept has been developed much further to suit the offshore incorporation and investing arena.

Anguilla LLC’s can be established to have less than three of the four traditional corporation characteristics that the United States IRS recognizes, namely:

  • Free transferability of interest
  • Centralized management
  • Limited liability
  • Continuity of life

In these cases any offshore company formed in Anguilla would carry a partnership identification. The Anguilla LLC provides interest holders with limited liability when it’s properly structured and as with traditional LLC taxation, the income and losses are passed through the members. Forming a Limited Liability Company in Anguilla also includes provisions that the company duration can be perpetual, or as otherwise permitted in the Anguilla LLC operation agreement, a feature not found in the original Wyoming ordinance.

Anguilla Incorporation Complete Management Package

Our $3,495.00 complete management agreement will cover all of the following services shown below, including incorporation of your Offshore Financial Structure. Each Fiduciary Structure will have a $2,495.00 annual renewal fee.

Anguilla Complete Management Package Include the Following Services

  • Formation of a Anguilla asset protection Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Offshore bank account in Class A top-rated bank (at time of incorporation)
  • Caribbean mailing address with mail forwarding
  • Caribbean telephone number answered by a live receptionist
  • Caribbean fax number
  • Annual registered agent fee
  • Annual government fee
  • Maintenance of bank accounts
  • Nominee directors & officers
  • Debit card (at time of incorporation)
  • Invoicing or re-invoicing (12 per year)
  • Brokerage accounts (at time of incorporation)
  • Online access to bank and brokerage account
  • Power of attorney giving you 100% control

Regular Prices

  • Anguilla LLC $1495
  • Offshore bank account $350-$750+
  • Offshore brokerage account $350
  • Nominee Directors & Officers $775.00 per annum
  • Power of Attorney $300.00
  • Certificate of Good Standing $100.00
  • Telephone number answered by receptionist, fax number and mailing address with mail forwarding (plus actual fees and postage) $995.00 per annum
  • Reinvoicing service $395

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