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Once an offshore jurisdiction is chosen based on your needs and the benefits you are seeking, choosing the company type follows the same decision process. Popular offshore company formation jurisdictions offer Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, among others. Depending on what you are looking to do with your offshore plans, a single company or corporation plus an additional legal tool or bank account may be the solution. In some cases bank accounts, trusts and other structures are necessary to build the complete strategy that is right for you. Here are a few examples and more information on offshore companies:

Top Entity Types for Offshore Companies

Nevis LLC offers superior asset protection over corporation law of many other jurisdictions and is the offshore company formation type we most recommend for asset protection and financial privacy. This provides a key aspect to an asset protection plan due to superior provisions than other countries. For example, when a member (owner) of the Nevis LLC is sued, there are provisions in the law that protects the assets inside of the LLC from being seized from a resulting judgment. For more information on the Nevis Limited Liability Company please visit that website section.

British Virgin Islands Offshore Companies or International Business Company (IBC) is a reputable jurisdiction, and offers privacy of ownership for assets held inside of the company and the ability to transfer domicile. IBC’s are exempt from local taxes and stamp duty, along with huge privacy and confidentiality benefits.
Our website offers additional information on international business company (IBC).

Belize Offshore Companies are popular structures due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the jurisdiction. It also offers a high degree of privacy and protection. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America.

Panama IBC is now a stable presence in Central America with respectable business growth potential. Panama offers strong financial secrecy and a relatively stable economy. For more information on the Panama IBC please visit this section of our website.


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