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Belize Asset Protection Trust

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When assets are held in a properly established Belize Trust, under Belizean law the trust cannot be varied or set aside – all claims made against property held in a Belize Trust are not validated or recognized pursuant to any laws of another jurisdiction or foreign court in regards to divorce, succession or claims of insolvency by a creditor.

  • Asset Protection from creditors and litigants
  • Wealth diversification through offshore investment opportunities
  • Estate planning
  • Avoidance of estate taxes and probate
  • Increased financial privacy
  • Income and assets protected against divorce and judgments

Resort in Belize

Protection of your assets is largely due to the flexibility of Belize Trust Law – one of the strongest benefits comes from separating legal ownership from the enforceable rights of use and enjoyment of your assets. When property is conveyed to an asset protection trust, it is then managed by the trustee and the trust protector. The trustee is under fiduciary duty to exercise trust power solely for the benefit of trust beneficiaries and in accordance with the trust deed. Your trust deed allocates trustee power, oversight and includes management provisions.

To get the maximum asset protection benefits in Belize include an offshore LLC and bank account in the plan. Utilizing the favorable privacy and protection of a Limited Liability Company offers more control over day-to-day actions of your trust in Belize. An offshore bank account brings financial privacy and additional protection benefits.

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