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Offshore Account Setup – What to Do


Setting up your offshore bank account is as easy as discussing your needs with an experienced professional. Specifically, you can use the number or form on this page for direct communication with a consultant. Moreover, you can discuss the information needed for popular jurisdictions and someone can provide support with opening a new bank account. Most importantly, offshore banks will require an eligible introducer. That is, is someone who already has a relationship with the bank. Fortunately, this organization is an eligible introducer for many financial institutions throughout the world.

Offshore Banking Due Diligence

Here are some common items that may be necessary when considering offshore banking. The bank calls this information “due diligence” or meeting the “know your customer” or KYC requirements. Here is an example of some items that are required by law.

  • Application forms with original signatures
  • Valid passport copy or driver’s license
  • Banking references
  • Corporate legal documents

As you can see, the offshore bank account setup process is different than domestic account opening. If the bank does not require you to show up in person, they will require extra documentation to prove that you are who you say you are. This is to your benefit because when you show up asking for your money, both you and the bank want to know that is is really you.

Once Your Account is Open

Once the institution has processed your offshore bank account setup documents, they typically send the confirmation to you via email. At that time the bank will wait for a wire transfer of initial deposit in order to activate your new account. Some expenses include opening fee, additional banking cards (if applicable), courier and other expenses. Again, these will vary between the offshore banking account providers.

Once the bank account is active, you typically receive online access to create your user account and password. You may also receive items such as an easy-to-use digital signature device, test key table and other enabling tools to access your account balance and perform transactions quickly, easily, privately and securely.

Offshore Account Setup Conclusion has helped thousands worldwide set up offshore bank accounts and establish private financial accounts and asset protection plans. Thus, we are a trusted provider that has relationships with the right offshore jurisdictions. Should you wish to partake in offshore banking you need to make sure you get the proper information and make the right decision. That is what we can help you do.




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