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Banking Overseas – More Tips and Advice


overseas bank building

An Overseas Bank Account simply means, banking with a financial institution that is based in a country other than your own. Banking overseas for Americans typically means a safe and popular financial haven such as, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Belize and Luxembourg. Consequently, using a bank account overseas is similar to your domestic account. That is, overseas banks are readily available through ATM machines and online account management.

Overseas Bank Accounts with the world’s safest and strongest financial institutions: Utilize the number or form on this page.

Advantages of Banking Overseas

  • Financial Privacy
  • Better Interest Rates
  • Enhanced Asset Protection from Lawsuits
  • Opens the Door to Attractive Offshore Investments

banking overseas

Overseas Banking

One big tip that will help you increase financial privacy and asset protection is to open an overseas bank account in the name of an offshore company. This provides significantly enhances financial confidentiality. There are a number of ways to increase your privacy and protect your assets with offshore bank accounts, companies and trusts. For example, the Nevis LLC statutes offer the strongest asset protection in our opinion. Case law points to the Cook Islands Trust as the most effective offshore legal tool.

As you know, protecting your wealth and financial privacy has never been more important. Fortunately, you can enjoy comprehensive privacy and asset protection vehicles in the safest offshore jurisdictions. Thus, providers such as us form thousands of offshore companies and trusts for their clients every day. Moreover, their new owners deposit millions of dollars in overseas bank accounts. As eligible introducer for Switzerland’s strongest banks, this organization has assisted thousands of others with offshore banking; that is to help them open an overseas bank accounts. As such, you can open them with a lower initial deposits when an experienced professional leading the way.

The IRS taxes US people on worldwide income. Thus, be sure you seek the guidance of a CPA who can give you sound tax advice. So, if you are seeking a legal way in which to protect assets and are operating in a legally compliant fashion, feel free to use the number or form provided.




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